Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The new "Saturday Morning In-home Session" (or whatever day your husband has off of work!)

So, there is no way I can go back and blog all the sessions that I missed...oh boy it was a lot, so I am just starting again now. And apparently it has been too long since I even logged on! My header is no longer even there with my logo! OOPS! Oh well!

Anyway, today I got to meet this darling family and capture their love in their beautiful home. It is so interesting for me,
while I am caught up in what is going on in my own life, to go into someone else's home and experience their love, their life even if it just for an hour or two.

My goal is to capture who your family really is at this time. Before the session we will take a few minutes and talk about what you do together as a family and what a typical day at home would look like. I'll talk to your kids and ask them what they love that you do for them...then we will spend some time together capturing those memories so you can have them forever. Im prety sure you will be able to tell what this little girl said. And even though this little guy got really tried by the end...as soon as his Dad started plying his guitar..just like always..he calmed right down (far a minute at least!_...P.S. this Dad was no amateur guitar player...he was good!!!

This session will be available just two times a month. The first 5 clients to sign up for a session will get the Gold session price. After that a platinum session will be required for this type of session...so get it while you can!

Enjoy this Saturday morning session!

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