Friday, November 29, 2013

Loved getting to know this family just as the wind gusts were coming in!
So....I have to address a little business here. I consider myself first and foremost an artist. I didn't start this venture to make money, I started to take pictures of other people for a long time without charging anything because I love creating a beautiful photographs. While I still love that, I now run a business and see it as that while I still try to keep my love of the art of photography alive. Because of that I have to have rules and perameters that guide the business side of this venture. When I offer a session it comes with a number of digital images. 9 times out of 10 I give you more than that because more that that meet my standard of what I consider Art. Not all the shot I take in your session will meet that expectation. This is why I take hundreds of shots at your session. It allows to me to choose the very best ones for you to keep forever. Some photogs will allow you to only choose the alloted amount and then require you pay extra for any extra digital images. There was a time when I did this. This is not what I do now, but I will have to go back to that if I keep having clients asking me for more images. Recently I have had many (please don't feel like I am singling you out, because it has been over 10) in the last few weeks ask why they did not see this image, or that one. Most like the lighting wasn't ideal, or the image didn't pass my quality standard. Photography is not a perfect art. There are about a 100 variables that go into every shot and not all of those are aligned at once in every shot. I have tried many different models with pricing, and I always come back to providing my clients what I would want when I get my own family pictures done. I provide you with large high resolution digital images that you can keep forever in addition to providing you the service of professional printing at wholesale pricing with no hidden fees on the back end so you don't think that your session will cost one price but in the end you send up spending much more. I try to provide you with the most beautiful images I can produce and I do my very best with the specific circumstances each time I shoot. I hope my clients can respect that, and if you choose to go with someone else because of my policies or pricing, I completely understand! With that said, I have loved photographing every family, every senior and every child this year and I am so grateful for your business and friendship!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Boise Idaho Family Photographer .......oh boy I blogged twice in one month!

I don't know how people do, edit, book keep, keep their houses clean, help kids with home work stay in shape, shoot sessions...I think I might go Crazy! But so glad these two darling families came to see me this fall...Adorable!
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