Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This makes me happy

I have had a very rough 24 hours. It may have something to do with a momentary lapse in judgement which has cost me a lot of money and some of my dignity. That post will come tomorrow if I can not cry about it as soon as I start typing. For now, enjoy this video I made for client who booked a session for her grandkids. She is from New Zealand, so I thought it would be neat for her to be able to send this to people who have never seen her grandkids. Enjoy....


LJ said...

You are dignified--a small lapse in judgement can't take that away from you girl!

Jake said...

Thanks Carrie for the patience you had with my son (Noah) and his determination to do anything but sit still. This was a great video and made my day.

Ang said...

Carrie, I love this. What a sweet gift. She will treasure it, I am sure.

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