Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loved this shoot....think taking pics in the snow isn't awesome...think again!

I loved this shoot!  Not only did the snow offer something new and the family was darling, but you should have felt the love this family had for each other! It can be hard to leave my family to go do a shoot, especially when James is home (which is hardly ever) but this family reminded me what a family should be.  Watching them also made me grateful for my own family. The kids were so kind to each other and you could tell they were really friends. And the parents! Every time I turned around from shooting one of their kids, they were hugging and cooing at each other. I couldn't decide whether to gag or to go throw my arms around them and say thank you! I went straight home and gave James the biggest hug ever.  In fact, we may or may not have gone a bit farther than that (wink! wink!) Thanks Cathy and Neil and kids! Can't you just feel the love through these pics!


LJ said...

Carrie, these are so lovely!
Something weird though is happening with the pics of the mom and dad; they're really blurry on the site, but when I click on them and open up a new window they're really sharp. Maybe it's on my end? Just thought I'd let you know, since I know how you feel about tack-sharp images!

Karen Peterson said...

What a great family. I love how vivid the reds are.

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