Monday, April 2, 2012

The beautiful W family and their new cherub baby H

It is so much fun to be shooting again. This was my first real family shoot in Colorado Springs. Aren't they gorgeous! The two little rascals you see were hilarious...The girl kept calling me Carrie like I was her best friend and getting so mad at her mom when she would call me sister Elton...If I hadn't been so busy concentrating I would have been laughing my head off. I don't catch a lot of the humor in shoots like this because I am under a lot of stress...and then I get home and laugh to myself the whole time I'm editing. Weird. Any...enjoy this Beautiful Family!

Side Note:
Someone said to me recently, I think your photos are beautiful I really want you to do our family but I saw your price list and I just can't imagine paying that much. This came out of my mouth...."This might be easier for you to imagine. You're 75 years old, all your babies are gone and you are sitting on your front porch...... and you think "I wish I had beautiful pictures of me with my children....what she was charging is nothing to me now!" It was one of like 3 times in my life when I said the right thing in the moment and didn't think of it 3 days later! They booked the next day :) I sure hope I captured your family at this time so you can remember it forever W family!


Jamie Pearson said...

Oh Carrie they are all so beautiful!!!!! Do you want to come over to WA next week?? Thanks for sharing.

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