Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello friends in Utah. I am coming in August to Utah for my Brother Danny's wedding. About 6 of my old clients and a couple others there have asked if I will let them know when I am coming and if I they can book a session. The wedding is on the 24th and I am thinking about coming in the previous weekend. I may have time for 2-3 shoots (or possibly mini-shoots if there is more interest in that) Full shoots last about 60 min. Minis are 30 min.

My base price has risen as you may expect as I have purchased better equipment, become more experienced etc. So I will not feel badly if you choose not to book because of that.

All sessions will receive their digital images in color.  If you would like black and whites of all your images that is a $30 extra charge. I will include a few black and whites that I choose.

As I am sure you know,  most photographers charge a session fee and then for each individual print at a large mark-up. This is no secret so I am not going to pretend like it is.  For those of you who have had custom photography done...when all is said and done the cost can be upwards of a thousand dollars after you finish ordering all you prints. This is one way of running a business and I have often toyed with running my business this way but my husband has always said to me, give your clients exactly what you want when we have our pictures done so that is what I do. My sessions are inclusive price so you know your cost up front and that you are getting everything that I create with no additional costs at the end. Please keep in mind  photographers spend huge amounts of money and time to learn their craft and purchasing equipment and just like everyone, it's only fair that we be compensated for our work. So enough of that...

My all inclusive price includes my time and expertise, my editing time, and print ordering time. You will receive a flash drive with all your images. In addition you will receive 4x6 proofs of all your images to use in albums and scrapbooks.

Finally, I ask that you do your initial printing with me for photos that will be displayed in your home with my professional printer. I have seen too many clients print on sub-par printers and its just not worth the money you pay.  I feel so strongly that I take the time to oder these for you at prices only professional can get.  Also my computer is calibrated to my pro printer so what I see on my screen is what you will get in your print. Of course I don't require you to print with me but I do ask very nicely! If you have access to a pro-printer or feel sternly about printing yourself, I understand.

The the great thing is I print for you at MY COST. No mark-up. For example an 8x10 is $2.20. (Wal-mart price...2.50) An 11x14 is 4.50, a 16x20 is 14.50, a 20x30 is 27.50. Fantastic prices for the highest quality prints you can buy. Since you will be in Utah, I will have your prints drop shipped to your home (I ask you to pay the shipping which is very reasonable.)

My session prices are as follows:

Full session $400 40+ images
Mini session $200 20+ images (limited to 5 individuals in order to have enough time to capture what I need to make your session a success)

If there are at least 3 clients interested I will try my best to make the time while I am in town. Deposit of $150 dollars will be required to hold your spot and the rest will be due the day of the session. YOu will also be required to sign a model release for me to use your images in advertising. If you wish to hold the exclusive copyright there will be a $150 charge.

I have loved photographing your families and hope we can do it again! Of course, being a photographer think that beautiful photos are priceless and I love creating them with you! Please contact me by email or through my Facebook page if you are interested!

Hope to see you in August!


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