Thursday, January 5, 2012

Naomi is Two....take two with the addition of her older bro GABE.

Photography is like any other skill...don't use it and you will lose it. I was painfully reminded of this little tidbit of wisdom last night when I went to audition for the the Colorado Springs Chorale. It didn't help that just before me a woman sang an unbelievable Italian aria and on her way out everyone was oohhing and ahhing...yes just before I stood up and sang my lowly rendition of a song I sang in Israel while on Semester abroad. I thought...hmmmm I was chosen to sing this solo..this will be great...then, while actually singing it it dawned on me me that I may have been chosen because there were only about 150 students in the program and there was only one other girl who was a "singer". Incidentally she sang her own solo in the program and the rocked's a shout out to you you girl, to pieces.
Back to the subject at hand....I wasn't going to say anything about my painful experience because I apparently I have too much pride...but since I had a hefty piece last night, I suppose I'll eat the whole humble pie today and disclose. Years out of college and singing in church choirs will do that to person...make you think you are a lot better than you are...So with that I decided to go out and work on the skill that I am actually progressing at (or at least trying to) and not let it atrophe in a pitiful shadow of what it once was sniff sniff....Of course I am being dramatic, but heck thats what I do best, No friends? Friends....friends are you still with me? So as I was saying, full sun photogrpahy is not's so not easy that it is hard and very few attempt it on a regular basis....including me. And it is really difficult with a group....thus I rarely take the chance as what a royal pain to have to do your family pictures twice. So because Naomis 2 year old pics were not what I hoped...instead of putting away the laundry and cleaning the toilets, of course I went to this cool ravine/field that my new friend Amy told me about. And don't be jealous, but it was 58 degrees at 10:45 a.m. people on January 5th. Oh how I love Colorado. And with that, enjoy. Oh take note...Naomi was still a bust but my ususally very uncooperative Gabe was awesome.

P.S. I have my favorite, I am so in love with one of these and have already sent it to be printed....which on do you think?


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Carrie, gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

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