Thursday, February 23, 2012

A study in the longest eyelashes in creation and the infamous green blanky.

Excuse me while I post some personal photos and musings :)

My beautiful baby boy, you are turning 4 very soon and since you no longer like to have your picture taken I thought I better take advantage of your terrible flu and get some of you sleeping in the middle of the day.

You love this green blanket so much. Someday, something will happen to it and it will be gone, I'm glad I got some pictures of you doing what you love to do best...snuggling under it's fleecy sage goodness.

You talk in a baby voice which drives me and especially your Dad, bonkers.

You adore life and love your older brother David most in the world.

You are either torturing your little sister Naomi or smothering her with love.

You and your older sister Coco will will one day be great friends but for now..not so much.

You constantly have stuff on your face, sucker, bruises, scrapes and you pretty much always have rosy cheeks. Please don't grow up anymore. No I'm serious I can't bear it.


Jen said...

Those pics are to die for!! He is so beautiful!!

pieface said...

I love these. I love that gabe and Tate have the same eye lashes. I love that they both love the same blanky. Love that they both have rosy cheeks. Love that they will one day be buddies. It will happen.

cindrella jack said...
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